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Sun Peaks Alpine Fitness
Covid-19 Action Plan

Keeping our facility, a safe, clean and healthy environment.

*Proof of Vaccination required

Our Team has been fully briefed and we will be taking every precaution outlined by the authorities to ensure the safety of our members and community.

As per 


*Health and safety

If you have the flu symptoms, a cold, a fever, or any other contagious illness, please remain home until you are cleared from your physician and in case of fever, at least 24 hours without it.  Using the fitness area with a contagious illness puts you and all other members at risk. Illness causes an individual's system to become weaker and injury might increase significantly when training under these conditions. Furthermore, given the nature of physical training, the transmission of contagious diseases occurs quite readily.

  • Lockers, changerooms are available. Please spray locker when done using.

  • Showers are currently unavailable.

  • Please wear your gym attire and bring only your clean indoor training shoes, water bottle and towel with you. Avoid bringing big bags when you can.

  • Please use the bottle filling station provided


Mask Policy

  • As per BC Government Mask Mandate Exception to masks mandatory inside, people working out at a gym can do so without a mask.

  • At Sun Peaks Alpine Fitness we are requesting our members to wear masks at all times while moving around the facility.

  • When members are at a station or area with no-one within a 6ft vicinity they can remove their mask to train.

  • If someone moves to train within 6ft both members are required to wear a mask. 

  • Sun Peaks Alpine Fitness takes no responsibility determining who is in whose household outside of a known family member.  If members are training together they are all required to wear a mask if social distancing cannot be achieved.

  • If these guidelines are not adhered to Sun Peaks Alpine Fitness will be forced to revert back to masks mandatory at all times in order to keep the gym open.

  • Sun Peaks Alpine Fitness holds the final right to ask our members to put a mask on if we deem it is necessary.


Entry and exit procedure for both open gym and classes

  • Limit 2 people in reception area 

  • Upon entry to reception area members will sanitize hands and collect a spray bottle of disinfectant to keep with them throughout their session.

  • Members will check into their session using their cell phones and the members app.

  • Members will then make their way into the gym. 

  • The narrow corridor is our main pinch point in the building so please give way to others before entering.

  • When exiting please leave your spray bottle in the blue tub beside the check in desk to be sanitized.


Open Gym
Staff will periodically disinfect all equipment throughout the day

  • Our open gym numbers will be regulated by asking members to pre book blocks by the membership app. Drop ins will be allowed depending on numbers already booked in.

  • Each block will be broken up into 1.5 hours and with a new block starting every half hour.

  • Each block will be limited to 6 members to make 18 max on the gym floor at any time.

  • Most machines are spaced 6ft apart and members are required to maintain social distancing as much as possible.

  • Upon arrival members will sanitize hands and collect spray bottle of disinfectant to keep with them throughout their session.

  • Members will sign into their session using their cell phone and member app.

  • Once you have finished on a machine spray the seat and bench pads only with disinfectant to air dry.  Please wipe down all other equipment with a wet wipe.

  • If you arrive at a machine you may spray and wipe down with your towel if you feel it is required.

  • Please be respectful of others and limit the amount of equipment used at one time.

  • Once members have finished your workout or your block has ended please follow the exit procedures and exit through the front door.


  • Classes will be 40 mins to allow for proper cleaning of equipment and area.

  • Class numbers will be limited to 8-10 people and members will be required to pre-book into classes.

  • Following the entry procedures and make your way to the class area maintaining social distancing.

  • While moving to gather equipment please be mindfully of social distancing.

  • Once you have used a piece of equipment it will stay with you until the end of class

  • Once class is finished the coach will spray down all equipment with their spray bottles for members to wipe and put away.  Again, please be mindfully of social distancing while moving around.

  • Once cleaning is complete please follow the exit procedures as listed above.

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