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Personal Trainer

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Although I've been interested in health and fitness for most of my adult life, the birth of my daughter in 2018 ignited a passion for learning all there is to know about the incredible machine that is the human body. During my twelve months of maternity leave, I dove right into studying and became a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in Pre & Postnatal Fitness. I am in awe of how our bodies can adapt, change and heal throughout our life to accommodate major events such as pregnancy or injury.

Yoga is a huge part of my life and is something that has helped me immensely over the years both mentally and physically; I completed my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2019 and have been teaching ever since.


I believe a holistic approach to wellness is key when it comes to training so I tend to incorporate aspects of cardio, strength, stretching, nutrition and mental health when working with clients. Life is about balance and I'm not one for the "all or nothing" approach; I personally would have a hard time getting by without my coffee and chocolate.


We only get one body in this life and we must treat it with love and kindness to ensure we can continue to enjoy our lives to the fullest until the end of our days.

I look forward to chatting with you and helping you work towards your health and wellness goals.


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