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Three people lifting barbells in group class setting with the trainer looking over them.

Strength Classes

Barbell lifting and workouts.


60 minutes

ANy fitness level**

Medium-high intensity

Class description

Whether you’re looking for a workout to complement your outdoor lifestyle or wanting to trim and tone, our strength classes are meant to build muscular strength and endurance. Using functional weightlifting and core stability exercises to improve your overall movement quality and physical performance. Alpine Strength classes are capped at a maximum of 8 people, giving you more one on one time with our coaches to work on correct technique and ensuring safety.

*Due to covid-19 guidelines reduced class numbers of 3-4 people.


**Due to the technical lifting component we require a minimum of 5 Lift and move classes and/or permission  from our head coach to participate in our strength classes.

Three people holding barbells while trainer instructs them.
Man resting on the barbell inbetween reps.


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